I've been making pictures since I was 13 years old. I shot my friends riding BMX bikes(my grandfather used to say we were "out raising hell") and soon started getting a handle on my camera and magazines started publishing my work. Over the years, shooting my friends riding dirt jumps in the woods behind my parents' house eventually turned into being sent around the world to shoot dream projects for brands. Still photography naturally evolved into motion and film work for me where I now spend my time making documentary, narrative and commercial films, often blurring lines between the three.

Now, I work with commercial clients, agencies and a myriad of collaborators on projects that we're passionate about, telling their stories  in authentic, humanistic, cinematic ways. 

I love what I do. Whether I'm a single cog in a large scale project or directing my own team of talented collaborators, I'm always trying to create work that I'm proud of with people that inspire me. NArrative or branded, I'm proud of the definitive style i can bring to a film.